Cooper & Company recently began work on the newest replacement facility for Gwinnett County Fire Station #15 in July of 2017.  The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners awarded the project to Cooper with the anticipation of being able to deliver the project in a timely manner for the residents of this new Lawrenceville facility.

Gwinnett’s current Fire Station 15 facility that is located on Perry Street in Lawrenceville was built nearly 40 years ago and was meant to house a smaller group of employees. Due to demand for services and the addition of housing EMS services in 1986; the existing facility is too small for the current staff. The existing facility currently houses 15 engines, 15 medics, and 15 trucks for use in the area. The new location will allow for better accommodations of these apparatus.

The official groundbreaking for the new location took place on August 15, 2017, with a ceremony that included the Board of Commissioners and the Gwinnett County Fire & Emergency Officials.

Project Manager Chris Ritchie shared that this particular build was an interesting project for Cooper & Company.  “We are paying careful attention to few areas on this construction project to ensure good quality for the future of this fire station: the vapor management system we are installing to secure this site from any ground contamination and the large auger cast-in-place piles. This particular site contained petroleum contamination and unsuitable soil quality prior to construction that we had to contend with during site development.”

Project Scope Includes: