Cooper & Company Awarded Construction of New Norcross Library

Cooper & Company is honored to announce the award for construction of the new Norcross Branch Library. The Design-Bid-Build project is in conjunction with Gwinnett County, CAS Architecture and the City of Norcross. Photo by: CAS Architecture The new public library will be a state-of-the-art LEED certified project. The project will be 22,000 [...]

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Bay Creek Police Precinct and Alternate 911 Center Opens

Cooper & Company, Gwinnett County, Gwinnett Police Department and Precision Planning celebrated the opening of the Bay Creek Police Precinct and Alternate 911 Center on December 3rd. Members of the community gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony to honor the new facility. Gwinnett County Police Chief Tom Doran started the celebration by describing the 12,500 [...]

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FFE vs FF&E: Know the Difference

Did you know there was a difference between FFE and FF&E? Like any industry, construction has its share of acronyms. FFE & FF&E are used frequently, but did you know that they are not interchangeable? That’s right! They have completely different meanings. Let’s start with FF&E. The three letters and the ampersand let you know [...]

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